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dynConfiR 0.0.4 (January 2024)

CRAN release: 2024-01-29

Fixed a CRAN note and improved robustness in fitting functions, and simulations. Also improved initial parameter sets for model fitting.

dynConfiR 0.0.3 (April 2023)

CRAN release: 2023-06-27


  • added the dynaViTE model (generalization of dynWEV with time-dependent confidence variable), which includes the additional lambda which can also be fitted
  • improved fitting procedure for dynaViTE/dynWEV and 2DSD: confidence thresholds for starting parameters in the initial grid search are now estimated using simulations; this decreases the size of the initial grid drastically, while improving the initial values
  • adapted code to changes in the new dplyr release (1.1.1)

dynConfiR 0.0.2 (December 2022)

CRAN release: 2022-12-07


  • added the DDMConf model (density: dDDMConf, RNG: rDDMConf), also for fitting and prediction.
  • d2DSD and dWEV added argument lambda. DynWEV and 2DSD are generalized with the confidence measure explicitly depending on decision time. lambda controls the power of decision time by which the confidence measure is divided.
  • d2DSD and dWEV added argument stop_on_zero: For the calculation of likelihoods, it is useful to stop as soon as one probability is 0, since then the likelihood is 0.
  • included starting point and drift rate variation in IRMt (experimental!, see dIRM2)
  • fitting 2DSD and dynWEV: improved the finding of stating values for confidence thresholds.
  • many bug fixes and increased robustness

dynConfiR 0.0.1 (May 2022)

CRAN release: 2022-05-27

First CRAN release Version 0.0.1